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DAmico  nackt Tamela Tamela D’Amico

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If I was willing to go to India, you can bet I will hop on a plane anywhere to work on a project I believe in.

  • Tamela went back to school to finish her thesis and then returned to California.

  • She can also be seen in the recently released feature film Walt Before Mickey with Thomas Ian Nicholas American Pie and Jon Heder Napoleon Dynamite about the life of Walt Disney and is currently filming the independent film Quinn as well as just finished the independent film 3 People I've Never Heard Of.

My parent's taught me to try to invest some time in every person I meet and learn from them.

  • I literally appreciate mostly all types of music and love to dance to anything.

  • You have to be as soft as silk to enter it and as tough as nails to stay in it.

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