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The LWI Wiki

Welcome to the LWI Wiki! This site is for committee members to use to post information that is of interest to the membership. To begin, please create an account. Then, send an E-mail request to Kristen Murray (Temple), Chair of the Wiki Sub-Committee (of the Website Committee) (, to have your ID given sufficient rights to edit the Committee portion of the wiki. Then create pages that you need to distribute information from your committee.

For instructions on how to migrate your committee over to the LWI wiki site (and to create and edit pages on the wiki), click here.

Over time, all of the information sites for the LWI Committees will migrate here, and be linked from the main LWI Website page. This way, all Committees may create and update their own pages on the LWI site, and be responsible for keeping them up to date.

Click this link to access the LWI Committees page. When you have finished migrating from the main LWI Website, please let Kristen know, and she will arrange for the menu linking on the main website to be updated, so it will link to your materials here on the wiki site.

Use of this wiki is governed by the Wiki Policy Guidelines document, located: here.


Anyone can access the Committees area, and if you are a user with appropriate rights, you can edit the page.

LWI Workshops

Anyone can access the page, through which you can access information about the One Day Workshops held in recent years.


Board Members also have access to their own portion of the wiki: Board

2014 Biennial Conference:

Click to access information about the LWI 2014 Biennial Conference, which took place in Philadelphia in June and July 2014.