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You can create Committee information pages here, and update them as you need.

Click here for instructions on how to create your own committee page [1]

Plagiarism Committee, Brenda D. Gibson (Chair)[2]

Cooperation Committee, Ariana Levinson (Chair)

Website Communications Committee, Kristen Murray (Chair)[3]

Professional Development Committee, Susan Provenzano (Co-Chair), Andrew Solomon (Co-Chair), and Karen Sneddon (Co-Chair) [4]

Upper Level Legal Writing Committee, Lisa Penland & Myra Orlen (Co-chairs) [5]

Archives Committee, Karin Mika (chair) [6]

Outcomes Measures and Assessment Resource Committee, Victoria VanZandt (chair) [7]

Global Legal Skills Committee, Susan Wawrose & Juli Campagna (Co-chairs) [8]

Scholarship Outreach and Development Committee, Karen Sneddon & Kathy Stanchi (co-chairs) [9]